Materials from the workshop “Unlocking the nutrient recycling potential in the Baltic Sea Region”

The workshop “Unlocking the nutrient recycling potential in the Baltic Sea Region”, organised in the framework of the 11th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, discussed the state-of-the-art in nutrient recycling within and across the two sectors, agriculture and municipal wastewater management.

The workshop was organised jointly by the two Interreg-funded platform projects BSR WATER and SuMaNu. BSR WATER deals with nutrient recovery and recycling in wastewater management and sustainable water management overall in the municipal context, whereas SuMaNu focuses on sustainable manure and nutrient management and nutrient recycling in agriculture.

Minna Sarvi from Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), gave an introduction to nutrient recycling in the agricultural sector on behalf of the SuMaNu platform, while Taavo Tenno from the University of Tartu gave, on behalf of BSR WATER, an introduction to the nutrient recycling potential in the wastewater sector. Arno Rosemarin from the Stockholm Environment Institute gave the keynote speech about key opportunities and challenges in nutrient recycling. After the presentations, participants had the opportunity to discuss priority issues and recommendations outlined by two project platforms, SuMaNu and BSR WATER, as an input to the update of the post-2020 EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Following feedback from the group discussions, Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky (HELCOM) gave his remarks, stating that in the process of finalizing the measures for the Baltic Sea Regional Nutrient Recycling Strategy, HELCOM appreciates the input from the scientific and stakeholder communities about what is needed in for better nutrient recycling and how to advance good practise. The workshop was concluded with the remarks of Anna Hernberg (PAC Nutri-Finland, Ministry of the Environment). Find the powerpoint presentations given during the workshop via the links in the text above.