Slurry acidification technologies lowering ammonia emissions in the UK

Denmark has been a pioneer in slurry acidification techniques (SATs) and thus, the Baltic Slurry Acidification consortium, which is one of the projects that are analysed in SuMaNu, visited several Danish farms to learn more about SATs. Good examples from farms have also convinced visitors from the UK, and in October, the first slurry acidification system was installed in Lincolnshire.

The farm Elsham Linc has installed SATS in all eleven of its pig breeding sites. The benefits that can be gained from SATs are lower ammonia emissions and savings from the reduced need for bought nitrogen fertilisers, but the farm owner also says that improved atmosphere in the animal shelters is significant. Better air quality is good for the workers and the animals, and it can be demonstrated with the growth rate of pigs. The farm installed in-house SAT techniques which reduced the manual work of moving slurry, as the pipework is automatic once it is installed.

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