Video: Closed circle farm reduces the environmental impact of agriculture

Vecsiljani, a dairy farm in Latvia, has developed a closed circle solution in order to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture while producing high-quality food. SuMaNu partner, Latvian Farmers’ Parliament produced a film presenting the solutions used in the farm.

The farm has around 50 workers taking care of 750 dairy cows and 1400 hectares of land. Farm planning, manure collection, biogas plant, digestate separation, and organic fertilizer application technologies have been chosen to ensure a closed ecological cycle. Vecsiljani uses 35 thousand tons of liquid separated digestate per year to fertilise fields. The dry section of the digestate is used for cow bedding and as such, it also re-enters the biogas production. The farm’s biogas plant reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 25 thousand tons per year.

Watch the video below. Remember to turn on English subtitles if you need them!